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9 Summer Road Trip Ideas from New York City

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There can hardly be anyone in the world who wouldn’t want to live in New York City. NYC is the very embodiment of the American dream; it’s as American as anything can be. 

With that said, one can only live in a busy city that does not sleep for so long. 

There are days when one just wants to break free from the same old boring routine, say goodbye to all your worries, and go somewhere far, far away. 

Luckily for the people living in this city, there are great options that they can avail themselves of. 

Want an excellent idea? You can go on many fun road trips from NYC. Wonder what it takes? Well, not much! Just pack your bag, get in a car, and drive all that stress away.

But before we get into the best getaways from NYC, you need to remember that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. It’s something you need to consider while planning road trips from New York.

So now that you have taken care of the important stuff, let’s move ahead. Let’s now explore the best destinations to go on long weekend road trips from NYC.

Summer Road Trip Ideas For NYC Dwellers 

From Philadelphia to Montreal, here are all the places to visit on a road trip from NYC. 

1. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Distance from NYC: 100 miles. 

If you get on the Interstate 95 S, you’ll be in Philadelphia in just over 2 hours.

It is the very place where the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were signed. So if you want to witness the start of America, you can actually breathe the air in those rooms where it all happened.  

Another reason why Philadelphia is on this list of summer road trip ideas is that this city is less crowded and far more natural than New York. Once you get here, you’ll totally forget the busy life of NYC.

Lastly, if good food is what you like, you’ll be more than happy in this city. You can eat fresh, healthy, and delicious food here for a fraction of the same cost in NYC. 

2. Hudson Valley, New York 

Distance from NYC: 120 miles. 

If art is more your thing than history, Hudson Valley is where you want to go. 

The Hudson Valley, about 2.5 hours away, is known for its vineyards, orchards, and farms. Storm King Art Center sculpture park and Dia Beacon museum are also a must-visit when you’re here.

Hudson Valley is also one of the best places to visit outside New York because of the Olana State Historic Site and Blithewood Gardens. If hiking is your thing, you can plan a hike on one of the many trails that go up the valley. 

A 2-3 days stay in this valley will reset your biological clock and that Interstate 87 drive will relax your mind in a way nothing else can.

3. Newport, Rhode Island

Distance from NYC: 180 miles. I

f you are looking for a road trip up the East Coast, there cannot be a better destination for that other than Newport, Rhode Island. 

 Newport is a city known for its magnificent mansions, exuberant seaside views, and delicious seafood from its amazing restaurants.

This destination is also one of the best getaways from NYC because of the combination of vintage sailboats and the calm ocean that it offers. You can sunbathe on the coast, surf, or boat, and just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

4. Ithaca Finger Lakes, New York 

Distance from NYC: 225 miles. 

If you want to go on a seven-day road trip from New York, Ithaca Finger Lakes can be another great option. This area has some of the best natural scenery the State of New York has to offer.

If you want to taste some of the best wine America has to offer, see some of the coolest waterfalls on the earth, and eat organic food that comes to your table straight from the farm, Finger Lakes is the place you must visit. 

The town of Ithaca is situated at a prime location where you can establish your base camp (get a hotel) and start exploring all the good things this area has to offer.

A week in this place will pass in a moment and you’ll want to come back whenever you get a chance.

5. Boston, Massachusetts 

Distance from NYC:  220 miles. 

If you are interested in American history and architecture, this is the city you want to go to. The Boston Tea Party, one of the most critical events in the American Revolution, took place here. 

Even if you are not a big history fan, Boston is a city with beautiful architecture, unique culture, and quiet streets.

 It will take around four hours to drive to Boston. Stay there for a week, relax and come back with a refreshed mind.

6. Lake Placid, New York 

Distance from NYC: 290 miles. 

If you love driving and mountains, this is one of the best cities to visit around NYC. 

The six-hour drive from NYC will be relaxing while you enjoy the picture-perfect scenery this place has to offer. 

If you are into outdoor physical activities, you can indulge in kayaking, waterboarding, and hiking in this city.

7. Portland, Maine 

Distance from NYC: 315 miles. 

Another of the best places to visit close to NYC is the city of Portland in Maine. 

At a drive of 5-6 hours from NYC, this city is the best option for those who like to see perfect sunrises and sunsets on the beach, while enjoying some of the most delicious seafood the U.S. has to offer.

Portland is a good option, especially for those who love long drives. Whether you are alone or with your best buddy riding a shotgun, the six-hour drive will relax and soothe you.

8. Montreal, Canada 

Distance from NYC:  372 miles. 

If you want to enjoy  European charm in North America, Montreal is the place you want to visit. 

Situated at 372 miles from NYC, the city of Montreal is as European as a city outside of Europe can get. Since it is in Canada, you’ll not feel the summer, no matter how hot it is.

Being the most European city on this side of the Atlantic, Montreal has the touch of French culture, architecture, and traditions in everything from the buildings to the food.

If it were just about Montreal as a city, you could totally catch a flight from JFK airport and land in Montréal–Trudeau International Airport within two hours, but you’d miss so much.

If you go to Montreal by car, you’ll get the opportunity of witnessing the incredible beauty of upstate New York. If you have enough time for it, you can make a list of the places to visit close to NYC and give them a visit on your way to Montreal.

9. Los Angeles, California 

Distance from NYC: 2800 miles. 

So far, we have focused on the destinations. But we know some of you would enjoy the road more than the destination itself. So for those classy people, here’s a great idea. 

If you have a couple of weeks to spare and driving is what you love doing, nothing can be a better getaway idea for you than going all the way to the West Coast from NYC. This incredible road trip will need four days of continuous driving. 

On your way, you’ll pass through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada, before finally ending in California.

Just imagine the number of places you can visit on your way to California. Yes, it is a huge financial undertaking, and yes, it will take more than two weeks, but it will surely be an experience of a lifetime for you.

We hope you like these ideas. If you think we missed any great spots, feel free to share them.

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