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A new visual identity for gettacar

Super EASY online car buying.

Gettacar launched in August 2018 by a small team of 3 which expanded to 80+ in under one year. There’s no doubt that online shopping is the way to go. Gettacar is a super EASY, 100% online car buying experience . The concept is simple, if you can get your groceries delivered to your door, why not cars? Gettacar is growing fast, and so it was time for a new look… we like to call it “spring cleaning”!

Gettacar makes people’s lives easier and it was important for us to reflect that in the redesign. Gettacar ditches the corporate-feeling checkmark and replaces it with a chat bubble to reflect human interaction. The new brandmark is playful and fun, but most importantly – relatable.

“Our name and logo represent our focus on making buying a car as easy as possible, while not losing the human interaction when a customer needs help or has a question.” – Jake Levin, Marketing Director at gettacar

The logotype is customized from three different fonts. We kept the “g” lowercase to reflect an EASY process and laid back environment which also reflects our team, and how we like to interact with each other.

The previous color palette was very dark and masculine, so this time around we decided to keep things light, with white or green backgrounds. Gettacar’s original (dull) green is replaced with a more vibrant and friendly green named “Zesty Lime”. In addition, we added lots of beautiful and bright secondary colors, keeping things fun.

Gettacar is super EASY, you can buy a car right from your phone while at work or even at home in your pajamas. It was important for us to showcase that in our advertising by displaying our website on a mobile phone.

The mobile phone is displayed across many different ad platforms, such as Google and even on our most recent billboard campaign. The mobile phone reflects an easy, do-it-anywhere process.

Our playful cars represent different personalities and essentially all kinds of customers who decide to buy a car from gettacar. You can see them live on our website

As a startup, it’s important for us to constantly evolve. The only constant in business is change. Staying ahead of the competition, keeping up with emerging technologies, and meeting customers’ needs is important. It requires an openness to change and an ability to meet these changes head-on by transforming who you are and how you conduct business.

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” –Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO

We offer super easy car buying from the comfort of home. We even give you a 7-day test ride in case you change your mind. Check out our inventory below!

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