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Driving to the digital age

Gettacar, headquartered in Bensalem, is breaking online car sale records, expanding reach to new markets.

It’s been almost one year since The Times introduced its readers to Yossi Levi and Jake Levin, the co-founders of gettacar – a web-based car-buying platform that allows consumers to make one of the most important purchases of their lives in as little as 12 minutes, all without leaving the comfort of their home.

Fast-forward to 2020, and Levi, a Temple University graduate and former president of Danis Auto, said the company is “rocking and rolling” as it expands its reach to new markets, breaks sale records and grows its inventory and staff.

For Levi, a crowning achievement of gettacar, headquartered at 3370 Progress Drive, Bensalem, was the recent launch of the branch “Sell Us Your Car.” Previously, customers could purchase cars only through, which will soon boast an inventory of more than 800 vehicles – a striking uptick from the total of 400 in 2019.

“We’re not just selling cars to consumers, but we’re also buying their cars. We’re turning this into a one-stop shop. Many people want to buy a car, but they need to get rid of their car, and it’s just very inconvenient for people to have to go and sell it somewhere and not know if they’re going to get hit over the head. We do it in a very transparent way,” Levi said. “We’re just living up to our mission of making car buying and selling easy and very time efficient.”

According to Levi, the vehicles available through gettacar are acquired from auctions and trade-ins. On average, they are 3 years old with no more than 40,000 miles. Each car gets taken to the company’s 75,000-square-foot reconditioning facility, where it’s fully inspected before being photographed and posted to the website.

“You get a car that will most likely have some remaining manufacturers warranty,” said Levi, adding that gettacar offers an option to purchase an extended warranty for up to 10 years. “We stand behind what we sell. We sell a good, clean car. That’s why it’s so important for a company like us to do the reconditioning ourselves. We control the integrity of the product. We control the experience, and that’s what’s hopefully building the company. We’re doing the actual hard work that most startups out there won’t want to do or have the time or resources to get into.”

When a consumer expresses an interest in purchasing a car, a gettacar representative drives it directly to their house in as little as 24 hours. Recently, the company expanded its operations to include Maryland, where NBA star Carmelo Anthony helped gettacar donate a late-model Mazda to a woman in need.

Once the car arrives, the consumer can test drive it in their neighborhood to determine if it’s a good fit. If they keep the car but later decide against it, gettacar has a free seven-day return policy.

“No questions asked. We come, pick it up. No harm, no foul. We take it and give you all your money back,” Levi said. “Everything is about making the customer’s life easy and saving them a lot, a lot of time.”

Gettacar prides itself in completing deals in as little as 12 minutes, which is quite a contrast from the industry average of five or more hours at a traditional dealership.

“We had someone buy a car while on a conference call at work,” Levi said with a laugh. “They know what they want. There’s a plethora of information on the internet, and so, we’ve just streamlined the whole process and we’ve taken out all the friction.”

Additionally, gettacar revamped its website in order to attract more customers.

“The website and overall brand has received a major uplift. It’s a lot of bright colors, just really breaking the conventional feel of what it feels like to buy a car, where it’s a dull, mundane experience,” Levi said. “You’re entering our ‘gettaworld,’ as we call it.”

Upcoming initiatives for gettacar include the announcement of a third market and the continued growth of its presence in Bensalem.

“We’ve really enjoyed it here thus far,” Levi said. “It’s been a really fun journey.”

By Samantha Bambino,Lower Bucks Times – March 9, 2020

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