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Emergency vehicle kit essentials

Emergency Vehicle Kit Essentials

Spare tire and car jack

Trust me on this. A few years ago, I was driving myself and a friend to a day camp we used to work at. We were about 10 minutes from our destination when my back tire popped out of nowhere. Thankfully, I had a spare tire and car jack, and was able to switch the flat tire with a spare one, and we made it on time. You never know when your tire is gonna go!

Jumper cables

Jumper cables are not only useful for you, but also other people on the road. When your car battery dies, all you need to get back on the road is a pair of jumper cables and another willing car driver. Make sure you know how to use jumper cables in order to avoid damage to your engine or to someone else’s!

First-aid kit

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Having a first-aid kit can help with simple cuts or bruises, or with slightly more serious injuries on the fly. The kits usually aren’t too big, so space shouldn’t be a concern for most vehicles.

Ice scraper/snow brush

Having an ice scraper/snow brush can be very valuable, although only really useful for the winter months. Going to work after a frigid night can only be made worse when you see a sheet of ice covering your entire windshield and mirrors. These issues can all be fixed with a simple ice scraper, which are usually the size of a folded umbrella.

Flashlight and batteries

Often forgotten, a flashlight is a simple item that provides plenty of value. It can be used when looking under the seats or in the car while dark out, or for more serious matters like checking the engine at night. Make sure to keep some spare batteries in the car as well!

Cell Phone charger

Nowadays, almost anything can be done using a smartphone. Making a call, using a GPS service, or even listening to music can all happen on your phone, so it’s very important to keep a car charger in your vehicle. I would also recommend having a portable charger that can be used anywhere.

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