2 years ago

Four reasons car buying sucks

1. The life is sucked out of you

Sitting inside of a dealership is the best place in the world! I wish I could spend the entire day there.” – No one ever


Being at a dealership is a game of attrition. You have to be willing to be patient over the course of hours, and go through a grueling amount of paperwork and negotiating before anything happens. You’re already put at a disadvantage by being out of your element and in the already uncomfortable chairs. The salesperson knows that if they really wanted to they could take your keys under the guise of “checking out your car for trade in value” while leaving you at their desk. The probability of them actually doing that, slim to none. After sitting there for what feels like days, you’ll wait a little longer. Once they come back, you’re tired and your phone is almost dead and you just want to leave. If only it were that easy….

2. Math

Let’s face it, this is the part where most of us know we are getting screwed one way or another. Financial math is important. Forget Walter and his 73 watermelons, give me Larry the Lender!


We, the consumers, are more often concerned about what we’re paying monthly versus what we’re paying overall for a vehicle. At what cost though? Yes paying $317/month is a lot better than $456/month at first glance. The difference is though if that $317 is over 72 months vs.

$456 over 48 months. The 72 months will actually cost you about $1000 more over the course of the loan.

While the lower number is definitely more enticing, make the price of the car work in your favor by getting the overall price down, putting more on the down payment, or shortening the life of your loan. There is a difference with being able to afford the car and being able to pay for it.

3. The Food (or lack thereof)

When I go into dealerships I find their lack of food disturbing.


Buying a car is typically the second largest purchase someone will ever make, quickly being pushed out of the way by college tuition, and when you make a big decision or a large purchase you need make sure it’s decided on a full stomach, otherwise you’ll feel like it’s an emotional decision. But why?

Serotonin is a chemical produced naturally in the brain and a ruler of our moods. It is one of the chemicals that helps make us happy. One way to decrease our serotonin levels is from prolonged stress. If you work a job you don’t like during the week, you’re already putting yourself at a disadvantage when buying a new car. In order for our brains to produce serotonin we need to introduce amino acids to our bodies, one of the primary amino acids our brains need being tryptophan which can only be found in food. Eating a well balanced meal is imperative to keep serotonin levels in check. Have you made a decision while you’ve been hangry?

4. No Mulligans

Everyone gets one right? For those of you who don’t know, a mulligan is a golf term allowing an extra shot after a poor one without it being added to the scorecard. You don’t get that with most dealerships.


You were caught up in the moment and made the adrenaline induced decision to pick up the Mustang GT S550 only to find out a few days later the suspension is so stiff that it’s going to force you to have your 3rd back surgery. Yes, you could swap out the springs but do you really want to spend more money on your car for something to increase the ride comfort? Unless modding your car is part of what you want, you should be able to walk back to the dealership as say “Hey, I f*cked up”. We all make mistakes but if you find out that you physically can’t drive this car, maybe you should be able to return it.

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