1 year ago

How to keep your car sanitized

By now, everyone’s washing their hands and sanitizing themselves to prevent contracting the coronavirus. While everyone is stuck at home and not driving, sanitizing your car is incredibly important and should not be overlooked.

Before you head to your car and wipe everything down, it’s important to avoid any type of bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the vehicle’s interior. These chemicals will kill the virus but will also ruin the vinyl and plastics inside your car as well. As a rule of thumb, use cleaning products that include isopropyl alcohol instead. Soap and water work well too.

In terms of how to wipe the car down, avoid paper towels. They increase the chance of scratching your vehicle. Instead, use a cotton towel or a plain t-shirt.

So what should I sanitize?

The obvious answer is any area part of the car that’s touched by your hands. Here’s a list by the Consumer Report that details the hot spots that should be disinfected:

Steering wheel

Door handles inside and out

Your car’s shifter

All window and control buttons

Wiper and turn signal stalks

Car keys

In conclusion:

We’re living through an unprecedented time and exercising caution and ensuring your health and the health of everyone around you is important. Sanitizing the hot spots around your car on a consistent basis will go a long way.

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