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Meet our AMAZING gettawomen!

We have an incredible team of smart and motivated women at gettacar and it’s time we introduced some of them!

Meet Revital, as a Senior Product Manager, she’s responsible for the product planning and execution of the buying experience on the website including the sale process. “Knowing that we are making a real change in the auto industry by disrupting the market as we solve real pain points in the buying experience” is what motivates her. Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is the people and great communication. “The atmosphere is always very positive and that makes me happy to come to work. In her free time, Revital volunteers in a wildlife hospital, helping wounded and sick animals to recover and release them back to nature!

Meet Galit, as a Senior Product Designer, her role is to imagine, create, and iterate the company product that solves the users’ needs. Her goal is to understand and define the pain points of real people and find a possible solution.“The great, open-minded people around me that give me the opportunity to do what I love” is what inspires her to do what she does every day. Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is the good energy and ongoing vibes.

Meet Carmella, as a Product Designer,she focuses on how to make the eCommerce experience easier and more enjoyable for the customer by improving the usability and aesthetic of the website. “Knowing that I’m helping make someone’s life a bit easier” is what inspires her. Carmella’s favorite Ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked.

Meet Yael, as a Software Engineer, she’s responsible for the customer’s experience by building the best UI visibility and UX behavior for a mobile website, supporting multiple browsers. I also contribute to the team responsible for the core logic of our product. “The passion to always keep learning and growing and the desire to be great at what I do” is what motivates her! Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is the friendly co-workers and feeling challenged in her work. One of her favorite records is the Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack by Wes Anderson.

Meet Laura, as Head of People Operations, she manages all HR talent acquisition and administrative functions. “I am a startup person through and through. I love building a company and watching it grow. It inspires me to see how quickly organizations can change. I firmly believe that People Operations is the foundation of all successful companies. I think you cannot underestimate the impactfulness of talent acquisition. Whether or not a recruiter reviews a resume and calls a candidate can quite literally change that person’s life and the company.” In college, Laura played D1 varsity golf and had two hole in ones before she turned 16! In her free time she is teaching her two daughters (ages 4&5) to golf with the help of her father.

Meet Haley, as People Operations Manager, she handles payroll, benefits administration, HR systems, and different aspects of the employee experience including onboarding, performance/development and more!“It makes me really happy to help with the hiring, onboarding and development of employees at the company. I love seeing our team grow!”. Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is the team. “Everyone works really hard and is motivated to take the company to the next level.”

Meet Angie, as an Accounts Payable Coordinator, she makes sure that all vendor bills are paid to help keep gettacar up and running. “I have always challenged myself and believe in advancing on a personal/professional level. When I was first mentored in Accounts Payable it changed my career level and my entire life, and this continues to keep me motivated and get me through tough days, or days where things don’t go my way.” In her free time, Angie likes to crochet!

Meet Erin, as a photographer, her job is to create a digital tour of the vehicles for the website so that the customer feels like they are looking at the car in person.“I love the creativity and getting to see all of the different cars that come through my photo booth. Every day is always something new, whether it’s a new project or a new car, there’s never a dull moment.” Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is the people. “We are all so different but we love to share our favorite foods or movies with each other and it’s really cool to be able to experience things from other cultures that I wouldn’t normally get to.” In her free time, she loves to compete in hot wing challenges! “Nothing is ever too spicy.”

Meet Ell, as a Graphic Designer and Brand Manager, her job entails overseeing all creative to align with gettacar’s brand reputation and target audience. Staying up to date with marketing trends and keeping an eye on any competitive products. Testing new creative ads and being receptive to audience engagement. “I love being a part of something bigger than myself and potentially changing the car buying industry. It’s amazing to see the company grow and even more exciting to see our brand evolve. We have an amazing team and I’m lucky to be a part of it.” Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is the atmosphere, the amazing people, and the ability to be creative and have a voice. In her free time she enjoys to cook & bake. Her favorite thing to bake (as of lately) has been challah bread. “There is something very spiritual about the process, it is special to me.” She also enjoys traveling, the last place she visited was Israel (her second home).

Meet Darshana, as a Senior Accountant in the finance department, her main focus is to keep books clean and analyze the company’s financial records. Her favorite thing about working for gettacar is the positive work environment and nice work culture. “People here including top management are very supportive. I feel appreciated for what I do and I can work freely.” In her free time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new places. “I love doing adventurous things, so far I have done scuba diving, bungee jumping and next on my list is skydiving!”

Meet Saisha, as a People Operations Associate, she supports recruiting, onboarding, and other day to day functions for the People Ops team! “Although I just started, I love the feeling of streamlining processes that help us hire amazing talent and ease their transition into the company.” Saisha’s favorite thing about working at gettacar is “The people! Everyone has been so welcoming, friendly, and accepting since I started here”. Saisha recently graduated from Florida State University and just moved to Philly a few months ago!

Meet Halley, as an Inventory Operations Coordinator, her job is to make sure she has all of the necessary documents to process vehicle registrations and for our customers to receive them as quickly as possible. Her favorite thing about working at gettacar is “Our amazing team, they make working so fun every day.” In her free time, Halley enjoys playing video games and spending time on the beach with her daughter.

Meet Maia, as a Customer Marketing Associate, her job includes working on automated emails so current and prospective customers get all the information they need. She also helps create and analyze surveys and makes sure customers are able to take advantage of the referral program. Her favorite thing about working for gettacar is the people. “Everyone is so friendly and really works as a huge team. I’m inspired by being able to help improve the customer experience!”. In her free time, Maia loves to cook!

Meet Talel, as an Automation Engineer Intern, her job is to build programs and write test scripts. “I love that everyone wants the best for each other and that I’m surrounded by good and fun people”. In her free time, she enjoys Zumba dancing and spending time with her daughter.

We hope you enjoyed meeting some of our AMAZING gettawomen… we can’t wait to share more of our team with you soon! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below, tell us what keeps you motivated every day?

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