2 years ago

Our response to COVID-19

The health and safety of our customers and employees is our top priority. We at gettacar are taking various precautions to deliver cars to our customers as safely as possible by offering contactless deliveries.

During these times, we understand the need for safe, clean and reliable transportation. Whether you’re going to the doctor, the pharmacy, or your job if you’re a medical worker – we are doing our best to support the needs of our community.

  1. All vehicles are sanitized, especially door handles (interior and exterior), common areas of interior, steering wheel, and ignition.
  2. Keys are sanitized.
  3. All delivery drivers are wearing gloves and use a plastic steering wheel cover, plastic shifter cover, and plastic covering seats & floormats.
  4. We have taken serious steps of disinfecting our offices, materials and anything that may impact our employee or customer.
  5. We will not share pens, or anything needed to complete a sale or anything that could transfer hands.
  6. We are following “safe distancing” protocol.
  7. All Technicians are wearing gloves.
  8. All Technicians will have a designated steering wheel cover.