Frequently Asked Questions

gettacar is the easiest way to buy a car completely online. From the comfort of your home (or job, or, well, anywhere) you are able to browse our vast inventory, choose a car, and decide on financing options (finance with gettacar, cash, or 3rd party financing). If you decide to finance with us, our goal is to find the best deal for you - we work with the most prestigious banks availxable, who offer the best rates. From there we will deliver it right to your door! Don’t fall in love with the car? You have 7 days to return it, no questions asked.

We understand that anytime you buy a vehicle, you want to make sure it fits your lifestyle. This is why we give you 7 days and 250 miles to make sure this is the right vehicle for you. For more information, click here.

Heck yeah. We help people from all over the credit spectrum get a car… it’s in our name, after all.

The initial numbers you see on are close estimates based on the credit type you have chosen. Once your vehicle has been selected and your profile is created, we will verify all of the information you have provided and give you exact terms. Our goal: get you the best terms possible!

Once our team has finalized the details, your terms are valid for 30 days or until the car you selected is no longer available (duh). Once we’ve sent you your terms, the car you selected will be placed in a purchase pending status hold for 12 hours. You are only able to place one car on hold per day. If you need more time to make your decision, we will work quickly to help you address any concerns, but the vehicle will return to “available” status.

Absolutely! Before delivery there are just a few steps we need to take. We will need the name of your bank, the loan officer, and the amount of loan. Before delivery, we will also need to confirm the method of payment. Once the method of payment is confirmed, we will supply your bank with all the necessary information in order to finalize the loan. If you’re interested, we would be more than happy to help you compare rates with our network of lenders as well.

Of course. A co-signer may not be necessary for all customers but adding a co-signer with established credit and/or income stability may help with the terms of the loan.

All of our vehicles go through an industry-highest 202-Point Quality Assurance Inspection. Every vehicle is gettacar certified, meaning all of our vehicles have clean titles and have gone through a rigorous safety inspection. We also provide a free Carfax report on each vehicle.

The down payment is due at any point prior to delivery.

At any point prior to delivery day. If you do not currently have insurance, we suggest that you start shopping quotes once you have accepted your terms on a specific car. If you already have insurance, you’ll need to add the vehicle to your policy. At time of delivery we will need a copy of your insurance card and/or declaration page. You may also email this information to us prior to delivery at [email protected].

If you are financing a car through gettacar, you will need full coverage insurance. If you obtain your own financing through your bank or credit union, you will need to contact them to find out their requirements. If you purchase your vehicle with cash, you will need to carry your state’s minimum liability insurance.

We will process your registration once your 7 day test-own has been completed. Once complete, the title will be mailed to you directly. This typically takes about 4-6 weeks for the DMV to process.

Yes! Every single car you see advertised is 100% owned gettacar or our subsidiary, Danis Auto.