Did you buy a car from us? Get $250 for referring a friend to gettacar.

How it works

A friend enters your name on their application. If they buy a car, you each get $250!

Common questions

How do I refer my friends?

After you complete your car purchase, you can start referring friends. You can refer 2 friends every calendar year.

What does my friend do?

Within the application, we’ll ask your friend how they heard about us. They’ll select “Friend/Referral” and fill in your name and phone number.

How and when will we get $250?

Once your referral passes the 7-day return window, you’ll both receive an email issuing $250 via a TangoCard. Once you receive the digital card, login to TangoCard’s website and apply it to hundreds of stores and restaurants of your choice.

How many friends can I refer?

If you’ve purchased a car, our program is limited to 2 referrals per calendar year, earning you up to $500 in gift cards.

How long after buying can I refer friends for a reward?

7 days after receiving your car you can begin referring friends to gettacar.