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                  Used 2018 Audi A6 2.0T quattro Premium Plus - 50,658 Miles
                  or $414/mo.
                  Monthly payment of $414
                  Based on a 0 month loan at 4.4% APR.
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                  50,658 miles
                  Used 2020 Audi A6 2.0T quattro Premium Plus - 10,677 Miles
                  or $716/mo.
                  Monthly payment of $716
                  Based on a 0 month loan at 4.4% APR.
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                  10,677 miles

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                  Audi A6

                  Audi A6

                  Audi is a German luxury automaker owned by the Volkswagen Group. Currently in its fifth generation, Audi A6 is known for German precision and premium technology. The vehicle was introduced by Audi in 1995 as an executive car, replacing the Audi 100. With a luxurious interior crafted from leather and aluminum, a subtle and graceful exterior styling, and engine options up to 335hp, the A6 commands grandeur, luxury, comfort, and capability.
                  Is Audi A6 the right car for you?

                  Commanding Excellence

                  The exterior of the A6, styled with acute angles and precise cuts, can never be mistaken by anyone. The car has a presence that projects both your worth and your taste. So, if you are looking for a used car that does not break the bank and still has an intimidating presence, just buy an A6.

                  Any Engine You Want

                  The A6 is offered with two engine options. An inline 4-cylinder 2.0L engine that takes a standing A6 to 60mph in 6 seconds and has a combined fuel economy of 26mpg comes in the base model. If you want more power, there’s a 3.0L V6 that puts out 335hp and does 0 to 60 in 5.1 seconds while still giving 25mpg combined.

                  Versatile Interior

                  The interior of the Audi A6 is offered with a lot of customizations in terms of interior colors and materials. This means that even if you buy a used A6, you will have a wide range of options to select from.
                  Notable features of Audi A6


                  All the variants of the A6 are equipped with Audi’s Quattro technology. This sends power to all four wheels of the car to make it handle well and be more stable, no matter if the road surface is wet or snowy.

                  Small Touches Of Luxury

                  The A6 is a proper luxury car and is nothing short of the likes of Bentley. It has heated and ventilated seats with power adjustment and massage options. The car also has soft-close doors, remote boot opening, remote start, GPS-linked automatic climate control, and self-parking features.

                  Premium Transmission

                  All variants of the A6 come for sale with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The transmission is very smooth in power delivery and can still provide under 300ms gear shift, thanks to the dual-clutch.
                  Frequently asked questions

                  What is Quattro?

                  Quattro is a specially designed all-wheel-drive system developed by Audi. It enhances grip and traction in all weather conditions and provides maximum fuel efficiency on better roads.

                  What is the sound system in the A6?

                  Audio offers the A6 with Bang & Olufsen® 3D Advanced Sound System. This sound system has 16 speakers positioned to create an authentic 3D surround sound.

                  Does the A6 have driver-assist technologies?

                  Yes, the full-sized luxury car comes for sale with adaptive cruise assist, pedestrian and stationary object warning, active lane assist, and rear collision warning and prevention.

                  Is the A6 good for long trips?

                  With variable stiffness dampers, independent suspension at all four corners, and a 530L boot, the A6 is great for traveling far in comfort.

                  Is the Audi powertrain reliable?

                  Yes, contrary to popular belief, the Audi Powertrain is good for 100,000 miles, if you take proper care of it.