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Used 2020 Dodge Journey SE Value - 7,373 Miles
or $385/mo.
Monthly payment of $385
Based on a 0 month loan at 4.3% APR.
*Excluding taxes & fees
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7,373 miles
Used 2019 Dodge Journey Crossroad - 20,520 Miles
or $369/mo.
Monthly payment of $369
Based on a 0 month loan at 4.3% APR.
*Excluding taxes & fees
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20,520 miles
Used 2018 Dodge Journey SE - 46,800 Miles
or $284/mo.
Monthly payment of $284
Based on a 0 month loan at 4.3% APR.
*Excluding taxes & fees
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46,800 miles

Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey

Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover SUV developed by American automaker Chrysler in 2009. It has been marketed under the Dodge brand since 2020. The SUV is currently in its first generation and the only major change made during its entire production run of more than a decade was a facelift released in 2011. Based on the famous Dodge Avenger SUV platform, the Journey is for sale with 2.4-liter to 3.6-liter gas and diesel engine options. This SUV is regarded to be a refined version of the Avenger. It has also got some of its features borrowed from Fiat Freemont, since Fiat is also a subsidiary of the same parent company, Chrysler.
Is Dodge Journey the right car for you?

Long Range

The efficient 2.4-liter in-line four-cylinder engine in the vehicle is capable of driving the 7-seater SUV up to 500 miles on one tank of gas. That’s some long range for hanging out in the Mojave Desert if you buy this car.

Incredible Suspension

Dodge Journey can provide you a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride, thanks to its incredible suspension mechanism. The SUV comes with a multi link suspension in the rear and a fully independent suspension with MacPherson struts in the front. For a sportier experience, you can always go for the touring-tuning suspension when driving off-road.

Fuel Efficiency

The automatic four-speed transmission and an efficient engine enable the Journey to have a fuel efficiency of 25mpg on the highway and around 20mpg on city roads. The performance of the car stays consistent and its fuel efficiency doesn’t decrease in the used models.
Notable features of Dodge Journey

Safety Features

The Journey is fitted with the newest safety tech from Chrysler. This SUV comes equipped with seven advanced airbags, strong steel construction, and crumple zones to prevent damage to the passenger cabin in the event of a crash.

Strong Brakes

The Journey is a big car and hence needs an advanced braking solution to safely come to rest. The car is fitted with a four-wheel anti-lock braking system and electronic brake distribution that keep the vehicle stable under any sort of braking scenario.

Spacious Cabin

When you are sitting in a Dodge Journey, you don’t get the feeling of the space being cramped or crowded. The 7-seater interior is spacious and comfortable for all occupants.
Frequently asked questions

What are the trim options available in Dodge Journey?

You can buy Dodge Journey in standard SE trim level or in the advanced Crossroad trim that has some added amenities and capabilities.

Is Dodge Journey a capable outdoor car?

No matter if it’s new or used, the Journey is regarded as a capable mid-size SUV. It performs incredibly well on all kinds of terrains, be they paved roads, snow, ice, sand, marshes, or mountains.

What is the cargo capacity of a Dodge Journey?

The Journey offers 10.7 cubic feet of cargo with all its seats in place. When both rows of rear seats are folded down, you can have an incredible 67.6 cubic feet of cargo storage.

How many people can sit in a Dodge Journey?

The Journey has a 3-row seating configuration. With a massive head and legroom available throughout the cabin, it can easily accommodate seven full-size adults.

What drivetrain is offered by Dodge Journey?

Dodge Journey is for sale with an all-wheel-drive model mated to a 2.4-Liter I4 DOHC 16-valve dual VVT engine. Its powerful engine and sophisticated drivetrain can handle pretty much any off-road driving condition you put it in.