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                  Ford Mustang

                  Ford Mustang

                  The Mustang is the most iconic American car of all time. Since its first production in 1964, the car that was estimated to sell 100,000 units a year surpassed the expectations of the manufacturer when the one-millionth unit was offered for sale just two years following its release. The 10 millionth unit of the Mustang was sold in 2018 as a white convertible with a V8 engine. So far, Ford has released six generations of their best-selling car in a variety of formats. Ford also released an electric-powered Mustang SUV in 2020.
                  Is Ford Mustang the right car for you?

                  Unparalleled Performance

                  From a humble 2.3L 310 horsepower engine that delivers 31 mpg on the highway to a fire breathing 710 hp supercharged 5.2L V8 that will rocket the car to 60 miles an hour in an astonishing 3.3 seconds, you can find a new or used Mustang that has the engine that fulfills your needs.

                  A Car You Can Trust

                  Ford is one of the most reputable automakers in the world and the Mustang is their longest-running nameplate. Ford has perfected the formula of making Mustangs and it makes this car one of the best options for a daily driver, especially if you want a used car.

                  Interior Comfort

                  With leather upholstery, GPS-assisted climate control, heated and ventilated seats, and tons of other interior comforts, the Mustang is a true luxury sports car. The trunk on the fastback models offers 13.5 cubic feet of storage space and the convertibles have 11.4 cubic feet of trunk volume.
                  Notable features of Ford Mustang

                  Launch Control

                  The Mustang offers an intuitive approach to transmission. You can have an automatic one and can still opt to select the gears by yourself as you drive or just let the car go on in D mode. Launch control, for better off-the-line acceleration, is also standard on the car.

                  Track Worthy in Stock Configuration

                  With one of the most powerful V8 engines under the hood and Ford’s TREMEC seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, you are looking at quarter-mile times well under 11 seconds. You can take the car to the drag strip and smoke any competition out with the enormous American Muscle at your disposal.


                  The Mustang comes with the FordPass App. You can use your smartphone to remotely lock/unlock, start/stop, schedule a start, or locate the car in a parking lot.
                  Frequently asked questions

                  What are the engine options available in the Mustang?

                  You can buy the Mustang in five different engine options with 310, 460, 480, 526, and 710 horsepower.

                  Is the Mustang available with a Manual Transmission?

                  Yes, you can buy the Mustang with a six-speed manual transmission. The other options are a 10-speed automatic for the low-horsepower models and a 7-speed DCT for the high-power ones.

                  What is the Shelby Mustang?

                  Shelbey is an American racing car company that tunes various cars for high performance. The highest-performing Mustang trims are for sale under the Shelbey name.

                  Is the Mustang a safe car to drive?

                  Yes, the Mustang is fairly safe and easy to drive. The older models did have issues regarding handling but the newer ones have all the modern driving aids to make them safe.

                  What is a Ti-VCT Engine?

                  Ti-VCT or Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing is a technology developed by Ford that regulates the cam timing of the engine to provide a smoother power delivery and better fuel economy.