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Used 2019 Lincoln MKC Reserve - 29,579 Miles
or $578/mo.
Monthly payment of $578
Based on a 0 month loan at 4.3% APR.
*Excluding taxes & fees
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29,579 miles
Used 2018 Lincoln MKC Reserve - 40,285 Miles
or $477/mo.
Monthly payment of $477
Based on a 0 month loan at 4.3% APR.
*Excluding taxes & fees
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40,285 miles

Lincoln MKC

Lincoln MKC

Despite the highly competitive nature of the class, the Lincoln MKC manages to hold its own among luxury compact SUVs. The car comes with a decent engine, corporate design, and the excellent ride comfort we’ve come to expect from Lincoln cars. If you want a reliable family car with an upscale cabin and smooth ride, you can’t go wrong with buying a used Lincoln MKC.
Is Lincoln MKC the right car for you?

A quiet performance

The Lincoln MKC is unlikely to turn heads everywhere you go. Heck, it may not even command a second look. However, it remains a great choice for people who want a quiet car that does the job without much fuss. The car has a somewhat muted vibe, and the engine manages to stay relatively quiet, even at full throttle. Furthermore, the cabin allows little wind and road noise to seep in, perfect for highway and city drives.

Exquisite interior design

Sporting meticulously crafted seats finished with French seams, genuine wood accents, and a hand-stitched leather-wrapped steering wheel, the Lincoln MKC’s interior looks and feels like luxury. Both the front and rear seats are adjustable for maximum comfort, and the front seats especially boast ample legroom. A particulate air filter that keeps out irritants rounds off the well-thought-out interior in style.

Top-of-the-line Infotainment system

Lincoln MKC comes with a Sync 3 infotainment that boasts excellent functionality and user-friendliness. The system is voice-activated, allowing drivers to issue basic commands without being distracted. The touchscreen interface is also highly responsive and well-marked, so users don’t have to struggle to figure out how to operate their infotainment system. If the used Lincoln MKC you’re buying is 2017 and above, you’ll also enjoy standard smartphone integration via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Super-responsive brakes and steering

Test results show that the Lincoln MKC can come to a panic stop, decelerating from 60mph to 0mph in just 119 feet. This is comparably less than what obtains in most of the other cars in the class. The steering also feels just as responsive as the brakes, and drivers can trust that their car can navigate the most difficult bends with little effort.
Notable features of Lincoln MKC

Reverse sensing system

Lincoln MKC has a standard reverse sensing system and a rearview camera that alerts drivers when backing into or out of tight spaces. The system uses a combination of full-color visuals and audible alerts to help you reverse or park, and there are visual guidelines to help you estimate distances.

Heated and cooled seats

The Lincoln MKC comes with heated and cooled front seats for maximum comfort in all seasons. The heated outboard rear seats are also a welcome addition for families who move about frequently during the winter months.
Frequently asked questions

Does Lincoln MKC have a mobile app?

The My Lincoln Mobile App supports Lincoln MKC. Drivers can schedule their car to start remotely, lock or unlock the doors, and track service history via their mobile phones.

How many rows of seats does the Lincoln MKC have?

Like other compact SUVs, Lincoln MKC has one row of back seats. The car can seat a maximum of five people, and there are two LATCH connectors on the rear outboard seats.

Does the MKC have an all-wheel-drive?

MKC’s Select and Reserve trims come with an all-wheel drive. However, the base trim comes with a front-wheel-drive that’s upgradable to the all-wheel drive. If you plan to navigate unforgiving terrains with your car, you may want to check if the used Lincoln MKC you’re about to buy has been upgraded or not.